Experiment with Microsoft Kinect and Ableton Live. Position of shoulders dictates values of synth filters, creating a sweeping sound. The position tracking is a little imprecise in this setup, so the data seems to be best used in a "legato" context.

Experiment in tracking head tilt. When the angle falls within a series of threshold values, the system triggers a series of midi note values, and sends to a software synth, creating a "chimes" sound.

Experiment in tracking arm/elbow acceleration. Similar to head tilt setup, this one triggers notes that create a "strummed" chord, as the elbow passes through a series of acceleration/angle ranges. When the arm is fairly motionless, the system stays silent. When the arm accelerates/tilts beyond a minimum amount, the system activates. Chords from a saved list are cycled through by tapping a foot-switch next to hi-hat pedal.